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The Board of Directors are ultimately responsible for the management of the Company's business strategy, optimising performance, investment objectives, approving significant items of expenditure and consideration of significant financing and legal matters. The Directors are responsible for overseeing and maintaining the relationship between the Company, investors and licensees. The Company is currently led by a Board consisting of three Executive Director and one Non-executive Director.

Biographies of the Board can be found below:

David Ford (Chairman)

Joined the Company in August 2009


David qualified as a solicitor in 1980. He specialised in Intellectual Property (IP) law. In the late 1980’s he dealt with the acquisition by his firm, Tarlo Lyons, of the entire consumer debt recovery department of HSBC and negotiated a long term contract to deal with all branch consumer debt. In 1990 he became the firm's first Managing Partner. In 1993 he left the firm to move into a general business environment. Since then he has been involved with a variety of companies in various industries in a non-executive or semi-executive capacity. In 1998 he led the management buyout of the consumer debt recovery department of his old firm, Tessera Group, where he was the non-executive chairman until it was acquired by Arrow Group in December 2014.



Graham Storey (Chief Executive Officer)

Joined the Company in February 2008


Graham commenced work for a courier business in the late 1980's and quickly took over the running of a subsidiary company operating a Tropical Plant hire business. Graham then effected a management buy out of that business and through both organic growth and acquisitions, he built up The Moyses Stevens Group to become the biggest commercial and retail florist in the UK and personally held three Royal Warrants.


Graham carried out a successful sale of the business in 2004 to a venture capital fund and, prior to joining Transense has been involved in investing in several businesses one of which was Transense Technologies plc.


Melvyn Segal FCA (Finance Director)

Joined the Company in June 2011


Mr. Segal is a chartered accountant and experienced company finance director, having previously held Finance Director positions at various high growth private and public businesses. Prior to entering the commercial sector Mr. Segal was a partner for 22 years at the accountancy firm Arram Berlyn Gardner (ABG). During his tenure at ABG the firm grew from 3 partners and 20 staff to 7 partners and over 70 staff and was rated in the top 60 firms.



Nigel Rogers (Non-Executive Deputy Chairman)

Joined the Company in July 2015

Mr Rogers qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1983 spending eight years with PwC before moving into industry. He managed the flotation of Stadium Group Plc as Group FD, before progressing to Group CEO in 2001. Under his leadership, Stadium divested several non-core businesses, focusing on the successful development of its electronic design and manufacturing capabilities in the UK and China to a worldwide customer base. He joined 600 Group Plc as Group CEO in 2012 and led the turnaround of the AIM-listed global machine tool business (Colchester-Harrison), increasing strategic focus on growth of its technology-based laser marking business (Electrox) until April 2015.


Rodney James Westhead (Non-Executive)

Joined the Company in April 2007
Chartered Accountant by training and until 2005 was Chief Executive of Ricardo plc, the major automotive consulting engineering group with sales of £200 million a year. He is  Chairman of Clean Air Power plc and Non-executive Director of Mouchel plc and AEA Technology plc. He was formerly Chairman of Carter & Carter plc, now in Administration.


Regulatory Information (AIM Rule 26)

The following information is provided in accordance with Rule 26 of the AIM Rules

The Company is subject to the provisions of the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers published by the Takeover Panel.

As an AIM listed company, Transense is not obliged to comply with The UK Corporate Governance Code published in September 2012 (the "CG Code") but instead uses its provisions as a guide, applying them as the Board considers appropriate. 

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Board Committees

Remuneration Committee   Nigel Rogers (Chair) & Rodney Westhead
Audit Committee   Rodney Westhead (Chair) & Nigel Rogers



Country of incorporation and main country of operation

Transense Technologies plc is incorporated in England (Registration Number 1885075) which is also the main country of operation.

Current constitutional documents

Please click on the following link for the Articles of Association: Download Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Details of any other exchanges or trading platforms

The Company has not applied or agreed to have an of its securities (including its AIM securities) admitted or traded on any other excahnges or trading platforms

Details of any restrictions on the transfer of securities

There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities



Admission document and circulars

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Placing Circulars

Please click on the following link to access the placing circular document August 2015: Download Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

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This information was updated on the 6th Jan 2016.



Company Profile

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Company Overview Report 2014/15 (8mb)


  • Founded in 1991, based in Oxfordshire, UK.  The Group has 22 employees.
  • Transense's patent-protected Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW), wireless, battery-less, sensor systems offer significant advantages over legacy wireless sensor systems
  • In 2009 the new Board under the leadership of CEO Graham Storey, implemented a new strategy to increase near-term revenue visibility, seeking out new routes to market. Transense has subsequently established two trading divisions – Translogik and SAWSense
  • Traded on OFEX 1995-1999 and admitted to London Stock Exchange's, AIM, in December 1999

Why SAW Technology Is Important

Safety - Helping to prevent road traffic accidents.

More than 20% of all truck breakdowns are due to tyre failure! Transense tyre pressure monitoring technology (TPMS) continually measures both tyre pressure and temperature alerting the driver when the air pressure of one or more of the tyres has fallen below the manufacturer's recommended level. The system interrogates each tyre many times a second, recognising small changes in the pressure and temperature, providing the driver with continually updated information. Most other direct tyre monitoring systems only inform the driver when there is a predefined change in pressure, usually between 10% and 25% deflation. In addition, many direct systems are unable to provide temperature information. Indirect TPMS systems can take up to 20 minutes for system calibration and 20 minutes to inform the driver of a tyre deflation greater than 25%. Indirect systems rely on information from the vehicle ABS sensors and are therefore unable to provide absolute values of tyre pressure or temperature and operate poorly under road conditions where wheel slip occurs.

Environment - Reducing toxic emissions and waste.

Incorrect tyre pressure has a huge impact on running cost and the environment. A tyre that is 20% (typically 7psi) under-inflated has an increased rolling resistance of 12% (1) reducing tyre life by 50% and increasing fuel consumption by ~6% (2). If all vehicles in the EU ran at the correct tyre pressures, there would be a fuel saving of 700 million litres of fuel per annum (3). Maintaining correct tyre pressures will therefore increase tyre life, reduce pollution caused by the manufacture process and reduce vehicle emissions. Transense's technology does not depend on a battery-powered transmitting device in each wheel so the associated problem of disposing of potentially hundreds of millions of batteries every year will be eradicated.

Torque - Economy and efficiency, power only when required

Conventional hydraulic power assisted steering (PAS) systems are working all the time the vehicle's engine is running. In comparison, an electrical power assisted steering (EPAS) vehicle only draws power from the battery when manoeuvring at low speed, improving fuel consumption by 2 to 5%. Transense's torque sensors for EPAS provide improved driver steering feel, a more robust design and lower manufacturing cost.

Current vehicle engines are managed by a control unit (ecu) which cannot adjust for manufacturing tolerances or in-service wear. By directly sensing torque in the driveline, it is possible to optimally control the engine and automatic transmission generating significant fuel savings and improvements in vehicle drive smoothness.

One of the world's most demanding challenges

An estimated 69.6 million cars and light trucks were manufactured in 2010. Assuming five wheels per vehicle, (trucks range from 6 to 42) that equates to at least 340 million new wheels and tyres per year. The world's current production of tyres is 1.2 billion with the difference due to replacement tyres. One of the fastest growing markets in the next 10 years will be China, where annual sales in 2010 exceeded 10 million. It is forecast that in 2012, car sales in emerging nations will surpass purchases in the developed world for the first time on record.

The world is consuming oil, for all purposes, at the rate of 77 million barrels a day. This figure is anticipated to rise to 121 million barrels a day by 2025(4). The emissions of carbon dioxide are expected to rise from 24 billion tons to 37 billion tons over the same period of which approximately 10% can be attributed to cars and light trucks. In addition, there are emissions of soot and oxides of nitrogen from diesel driven vehicles. In 2004, in the US, cars and light trucks emitted as carbon dioxide, 314 million metric tonnes of carbon - equivalent to a coal train 50,000 miles long (5).

Conclusion - The contribution of SAW technology

To put Transense Technologies contribution into context: tyre pressure maintenance, EPAS and driveline efficiency gains could provide cumulative fuel consumption benefits up to 10%.

The cost of fuel affects all aspects of our everyday lives. Most goods are transported by road and 50% of trucks have tyres that are under-inflated by at least 10%. This equates to an approximate increase in running cost of €1,300 per annum(6) - an additional cost passed directly on to the consumer........... think about it!

(1) Rolling Resistance and Fuel Consumption - Michelin, Jarome Barrand & Richard Ahsbahs - 2nd Annual Congress of Intelligent Tire Technology, 2006

(2) Direct TPMS - New Frontier - Schrader Electronics, Kevin Stock (Quattroroute Aug 2006) - 2nd Annual Congress of Intelligent Tire Technology, 2006

(3) Direct TPMS - New Frontier - Schrader Electronics, Kevin Stock (Continental) - 2nd Annual Congress of Intelligent Tire Technology, 2006

(4) We're running out of time to replace oil, Dave Guilford, Automotive News, Jul 2004

(5) Global Warming on the Road, Environmental Defense, 2006

(6) TPMS for Trucks - Beru AG, Nicola Fischer - 2nd Annual Congress of Intelligent Tire Technology, 2006

Company Details

Operating from:
1 Landscape Close
Weston on the Green
OX25 3SX
Registered number: 1885075

Company Secretary and Registered Office

Melvyn Segal

1 Landscape Close
Weston on the Green
OX25 3SX
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Nomad & Joint Broker

60 New Broad Street
020 7220 0500

Joint Broker

Beaufort Securities

63 St Mary Axe



020 7382 8300


Auditors and Reporting Accountants

Grant Thornton UK LLP
The Colmore Building
20 Colmore Circus
B4 6AT
012 1212 4000


HSBC Bank Plc
1 Sheep Street
OX26 7JA

Company & Intellectual Property Lawyers

Charles Russell
8 - 10 New Fetter Lane

Patent Agents Ltd
European and UK Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys
Birmingham Science Park Aston
Faraday Wharf
Holt Street
B7 4BB


Neville Registrars Limited
Neville House
18 Laurel Lane
B63 3DA
0121 585 1131


Mission & Objectives

  • Maximise revenue from the commercialisation of Transense's patented technology in conjunction with licensees and partners
  • Develop additional routes to market through wholly-owned trading divisions and joint development agreements
  • Increase shareholder value
  • Continue to develop new technology based on Transense's core competencies


  • Working with our licensees & partners to actively market our technology
  • Aggressively targeting high margin market segments where our technology has unique selling points. We have identified the “Off-the-road” (“OTR”), truck, motorsport and electrical sectors as fulfilling these criteria
  • Extract additional income from the supply chain
  • Vertical integration, forward into distribution and/or backwards into assembly
  • Establishing joint ventures & strategic alliances
  • Entering non-automotive markets
  • Actively marketing our technology in emerging markets
  • Providing engineering consultancy
  • Licensing of our tooling and calibration rig
  • Seeking development grants and funding

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